Stanmer Park Tea Rooms
Stanmer Park Tea Rooms
Stanmer House and Front Lawn


Stanmer is derived from the Anglo-Saxon words Stan (meaning stone) and mere (meaning pond). The park can trace it's history back to the Doomsday book of 1086, although much of what you see today is from the 17/18th century. Both the current Church and Stanmer House were built upon the foundations of older buildings, with the church being built in 1838, on the foundations of a 14th century building, and the house in 1722 .

The current house was built by French architect, Nicolas Dubios, for the Pelham family. It incorporated some of the older building and remained in the family until 1942 when it was requisitioned by the War Office and for the duration of the second World War. Brighton Corporation bought the park in 1946, and leased the House to The University of Sussex from 1960 to 1980 while the campus was constructed on the eastern side of the park. The House remained closed to the public until June 2006 when it was reopened after extensive renovation work, completed exquisitely under the direction of Mr Mike Holland, all credit to him.
Cows in the Field
Stanmer Park Sign
Stanmer Park in the Snow